Second American Express Notice for my Centurion Domain Name

In a previous post, I already covered a letter for notice infringement that I received from American Express. It is barely 10 days today and here is the second letter below. I told them basically the same things; that I didn’t think they hold exclusive rights to “centurion” and as long as my usage of the domain name constitute fair use, they have no business bothering me with emails. I am eager to see where they take it next. If they go the UDRP way, I will have to refine my arguments and present them to the panel. I have seen people win UDRP cases without even communicating with the panel. I on my part, plan to present my arguments as clearly as possible.

Here is the letter:-

Dear Domain Admin,

This is our SECOND communication with you. Please be advised that American Express Company or an affiliated company (“American Express”) is the owner of the well-known trademark and trade name Centurion.  As you are no doubt aware, Centurion is the trademark used to identify products, services, activities and events related to American Express.

In connection to American Express’s proprietary rights over its famous trademark we bring to your attention the following:

1) You have registered, without American Express’s permission or authorization, the domain name ‘’.  The Domain Name incorporates the famous Centurion mark in its entirety, and, by its very composition, suggests American Express’s sponsorship or endorsement of your website and correspondingly, your activities.

2) Your use of a Domain Name that incorporates the famous Centurion mark in its entirety constitutes trademark infringement and dilution of American Express’s trademark rights and unfair competition.  Your use of our mark in the Domain Name is diluting use because it weakens the ability of the Centurion mark and domain name to identify a single source, namely American Express.  Further, your registration and use of the Domain Name misleads consumers into believing that some association exists between American Express and you, which tarnishes the goodwill and reputation of American Express’s products, services, and trademarks.

In view of your infringement of our rights, we must demand that you provide written assurances that you will:

1. Immediately discontinue any and all use of the Domain Name;

2. Take immediate steps to transfer the Domain Name to American Express;

3. Identify and agree to transfer to American Express any other domain names registered by you that contain Centurion or are confusingly similar to the Centurion mark;

4. Immediately and permanently refrain from any use of the term Centurion or any variation thereof that is likely to cause confusion or dilution;

This letter is without prejudice to any of American Express’ rights and remedies, all of which are expressly reserved.


American Express Trademark Enforcement Domain Name

It’s been weeks since I purchased a .shop domain name but today I just happened to visit my blog and got the PanAm domain idea. I think this would be a nice domain name for a PanAm souvenir or memorabilia shop. Great domain for a PanAm Shop! Great domain for a PanAm Shop!

While PanAm has been defunct for decades, I noticed there is a vibrant community of PanAm enthusiasts online selling PanAm merchandise including books and collectibles such as souvenir spoons, playing cards, Pan Am glasses, plates, stewardess pins, Pan Am uniforms, Pan Am cups and bowls, Pan Am forks, amenity kits, airplane models, eye covers, bags and many more.

Pan Am has long been gone for decades but many international travellers are still enamored by the airline. Some of the Pan Am shops that have encountered online include the following:-

A domain name like would be ideal for a souvenir shop dedicated to PanAm collectibles. If you are interested in getting this, please drop me a message.

Received a Bogus Trademark Infringement Warning from American Express

.SHOP Domain
.SHOP Domain

In my domain name registrations over the past few months, I have been extra careful to avoid registering any trademarks. You will see that virtually all my domain names are generics. However, two days ago, I received the following email from American Express for the domain name


Dear Domain Admin,

American Express Company or an affiliated company (“American Express”) is the owner of the well-known trademark and trade name Centurion.  As you are no doubt aware, Centurion is a trademark used to identify products, services, activities and events related to American Express.

You have registered, without American Express’s permission or authorization, the domain name ‘’.  The Domain Name incorporates the famous Centurion mark in its entirety and suggests American Express’s sponsorship or endorsement of your website.  Our records do not show that Domain Admin is affiliated with American Express or authorized to use its trademarks.  If you are affiliated with American Express, we ask that you advise us and we will review.

In view of American Express’s rights to the trademark Centurion, we ask that you immediately discontinue any and all use of the Domain Name and take steps to transfer the Domain Name to American Express.

Should you require additional information or wish to further discuss this issue, please contact the undersigned.

This letter is without prejudice to any of American Express’ rights and remedies, all of which are expressly reserved.


American Express Trademark Enforcement

American Express claim of exclusive rights over the domain name is tenuous at best and I told them so. Here are reasons why I think American Express is scrapping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the domain name

  • The name itself. Centurion is an English term that implies “an office commanding a Roman Century” which conveys an image of commanding leadership. Due to our fascination with the Roman empire, there are a lot of people globally that use the term “centurion” in their business branding to convey strength and leadership in their domain.
  • Centurion is also a town in South Africa. American Express does not hold exclusive rights to a generic term used as a city name and which is also an English term that has been around since the time of the Romans!
  • There are thousands of businesses on the web that are branded around the term Centurion. You just have to Google and you will get thousands of listed “centurion” websites that are not associated with American Express.
  • The name “Centurion” was not included in the Trademark Clearinghouse as provisioned in the new gTLD process so I registered it without any warnings that I could be facing potential trademark violations.
  • I have not engaged in any activity that does not constitute “fair use” as defined by ICANN. Currently, I have listed the domain name for sale on but I can as well develop it into a full fledged website on something that is unrelated to AMEX’s Centurion.
  • I noticed that American Express once tried to hijack the domain name and they lost miserably!


According to that case, the UDRP panel had ruled as follows:-

The Panel has been offered little evidence that would show that Respondent’s choice of mark was designed to confuse consumers seeking out Complainant’s web site. As an initial matter, the likelihood that an actual or potential customer of American Express’s CENTURION® card would assume that the relevant Web address was located at the “.cc” top-level domain, which is the country code for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, a territory in the Indian Ocean with some 700 inhabitants, seems relatively small.


More significant than this, however (since intent to misappropriate goodwill can certainly be shown, in appropriate cases, regardless of what top-level domain is used), is the absence of evidence establishing that Respondent has misstated its intent in adopting the Domain Name. Respondent claims that the “Centurion” name evokes an image relevant to its adult-entertainment business. One need not venture too far into ancient Roman history to learn that centurions were symbols of virility and that at least some centurions had a reputation as womanizers. Leaving aside, as we must, any moral judgment on the nature of Respondent’s business, it does appear that there is a logical connection between that choice of name and the nature of the business that Respondents are engaged in.


Third, there is little if any connection between the nature of Complainant’s business and the nature of Respondent’s business. Respondent’s business is no more related to Complainant’s than are the many other businesses that use “centurion” in their names. Indeed, many of those services (e.g. banking, insurance) seem more closely related to Complainant’s, and more likely to be confused or associated with it, than does Respondent’s business. Accordingly, the likelihood of consumer confusion between the two services seems small, at least based on the limited record before the Panel. Nothing herein is intended to prejudge whether Complainant might establish, in an appropriate forum and with appropriate access to evidence, a likelihood of confusion sufficient to prove trademark infringement or dilution. It is not the role of this Panel, however, to hear or resolve trademark disputes, except to the limited degree necessary to determine whether the factors set forth in the Policy have been established by Complainant.

As Complainant has not established all three elements required under the ICANN Policy, the Panel concludes that the requested relief shall be DENIED.


The only bottleneck here is that my domain name is not hosting an active website yet but I am in the process of building a Centurion South African blog domain name to ward off any potential domain hijack.

I also saw that American Express tried to hijack the domain name last year from a legitimate user but they seemed to have failed since the user is still using that domain name for their events website.

It seems this is their modus operandi. They hope to bully ignorant legitimate users into handing domain names to them for free. Too bad. This time, they are dealing with tough nut who knows their way around domain name disputes.

In fact, I searched online and there is no instance of American Express winning any UDRP for the “Centurion” trademark. Zilch. If you want my domain name, just send me an offer instead of resorting to thuggish behaviour! domain name for sale

In the past month or so, I have slowed down on my purchases of .shop domain names. Instead, I have been buying the .COM domain names. However, while doing my customary name search, I came across this nice domain name and found it was still available so I grabbed it right away.

commando shop
commando shop

This is a nice name for a “commando shop”. A search for commando on Google yields more than 61 million results. There have been commando movies, commando video games, commando custom wear and many others.

The name commando is one that a lot of us has uttered or at least come across numerous times in our lives so I think this domain name will be an instant winner.

The is also easily applicable in a ecommerce store. From a quick Google search, I can see a couple of commando shops online such as,,,, etc.

I think the domain name will really go well with an online shop selling army fatigues, souvenirs, and various kinds of other army marine items. Check it and send me offer.

.SHOP Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions For Domain Investors

shop domain name
shop domain name

I have continued to buy up lots of .shop domain names and now own one of the biggest portfolios of .shop domain names. .SHOP is only 5 months old so there is a great deal of uncertainly and wariness about this new gTLD which is understandable. However, I still feel this is one of the best new gTLD launches out there which actually makes sense. While it is still not one of the top 10 new gTLD by number of registrations, it has been seeing a steady growth over the past 5 months. Currently, there are over 150,000 .shop domain names registered.

I had projected that .shop might hit 750,000 domain names by the end of 2017 but I now I doubt that will happen unless they introduce some perks such as very low $0.50 to $2 domain name registration costs.

Otherwise I am seeing the current registration trend which averages 500 per day continuing throughout the year. Barring any aggressive pricing and promotions in the course of the year, my best projection for .shop domain name registrations is now 350,000 by the end of 2017.

Where can you get the best deals on .shop domain names?

Some of the best .shop domain name deals can be found on,, and OnlyDomains and many others. These sell domain names for between $6 and $7.50. However, it is important to watch out on the renewal cost of the domain names. Some use a “bait and switch” tactic offering cheap registrations but very costly renewals.

Can I resell .shop domain names?

Yes. While GMO Registry had previously stated in its application that domaining in .shop namespace would not be permitted, that rule seems to have been removed quietly. You can buy and resell .shop domain names in any of the leading domain name marketplaces such as Sedo, Flippa, Afternic etc.

Domain Investments: Tips for Choosing Profitable .SHOP Domain Name

Domain name investors are supra-speculators. They place their bets and sometimes they make a lot of money. A lot of times though, they will lose lots of it. The new gTLDs, for example, are going to create lots of broken hearts for domain name speculators. The carrying cost is very high and they are not going to sell any time soon.

.shop domain name
.shop domain name

Let’s take the example of the .SHOP domain names. While there have been great deals for .shop domain names allowing you to register them for as low as $2.99, the renewal cost will vary anywhere from $29 to $45 if you register your domain names with some of the more reasonable registrars.

I have been monitoring some of the domain name registrations for .shop domain names via and to be honest, I have the feeling some of the domains will simply never sell. While the buyer end user has the final say on what domain names they like, there are domain names that you just feel are not going to sell. And if some domain name investor registers hundreds of these and renews continuously with the hope of clinching a big five figure sale, they are going to be really disappointed.

For new gTLDs, it is important to stay as close to the premium domains as possible. Register domain names that are short, commonly used, brandable and highly relevant to the industry you are targeting.

Go for the most popular domain names that customers and other users are likely to search for on a regular basis because they are popular and precise. I have some .shop domain names that receive up to 10 visits per day in type-in traffic and that is because they are so popular people search for them on a daily basis.

Here are some other tips that I use to choose domain names with good potential for sale:-

Brand .SHOP Domains

If the brand is trademarked, simply ignore. It is not worth the trouble. On the other hand, there is a category of brandable domains that are free for all. For brandables, I would stick to something very short and which makes sense. Otherwise you might find yourself sitting on a domain name for years.

Keyword .SHOP Domain Names

These are my most popular .SHOP domains and I have registered over 130 .shop domain names so far many of them single category keyword .shop domain names. The main advantage with these domain names is that they have a very strong demand by businesses, end users and domain name investors. These are also the domain names in my portfolio that are receiving the most type-in traffic. They have very good prospects for getting resold in a year or two. For me, category keyword .shop domain names are gems that I expect to yield some profits soon.

One of the main advantage of short category keyword .shop domain names such as, or even is that they have been registered in almost all the available TLDs.

Compare your .shop against a .store

One of the methods I use to determine whether a .SHOP domain name is worth the investment is by checking whether its .STORE equivalent has been reserved as a premium domain name. Since there are fewer .store registered, chances are that the .shop domain name you are purchasing is also available in .STORE and if it is designated as a premium domain name under .STORE, you are onto something. For some reason, .SHOP did not reserve as many domain names like .STORE registry RADIX: you can hand register many short premium .shop domain names at regular pricing this way.

Check if the name has been registered under other gTLDs

One of the best registrars for this is If you search for a particular domain name in Namecheap, it will show the availability of the domain name under all other popular gTLDs and ccTLDs. If the name you are searching for is available under .SHOP and has been taken under virtually all other gTLDs and ccTLDs, grab it quick. Chances are that someone will be coming for it very soon. Here is an example for which I registered last month:-

Avoid names that start with “my” and “the”

Many registrants will add “my” or “the” if they miss the actual domain name. A good example is someone missing out and then registering or missing out on and then registering For businesses, this might be a risky investment if the name without “the” is being used by a competitor. A lot of your marketing will be indirectly benefiting your competitor to some extent as some consumers will simply choose the website with the name minus “the”. It could work both ways, though. Stick to a unique name that is uniquely yours.

From a domain name investor’s perspective, adding the prefixes “the” or “my” to your domain name is also a risky investment because such domain names have a low resale value. So you might find yourself holding onto the name for a very long time or not selling at all.  

Avoid Unusual Spellings or Complicated Domain Names

With .COM domain names, you can buy complicated or very unique brandable domain names and still get offers. With .SHOP and other new gTLDs, it is advisable to stick to the more predictable domain names withy very good resale value. With some of those rare or complicated domain names, you might find yourself holding these domain names forever.  

Avoid very long domain names

Unless you are German and are targeting German users, avoid those ridiculously long domain names. They are difficult to remember and are not brandable. A user is very likely to mistype them, too.

Avoid Hyphenated Domain Names and other Characters at all costs

In case you didn’t know, more characters than just hyphens are now allowed in domain names. However, try to stick to one word or two word domain names without hyphens. Hyphenated domain names are a hard sell even in the .COM namespace and with new gTLDs such as .SHOP, it is even worse. They have an almost zero resale value. domain name for sale

brilliance shop
brilliance shop

If you didn’t get the domain name, you could as well as choose a domain name like domain name. This is a high quality, rare premium .shop domain name that will add instant pizzazz to your website and get customers pouring in to buy your glamorous and glittering merchandise. domain name can be great for a diamond shop domain name can be great for a diamond shop

A domain name like is not just great for a diamond shop. Here are some of the possible uses to which you can put this domain name:-

  • A brilliance lighting shop
  • A brilliance decorative lighting shop
  • A brilliance jewelry shop
  • A brilliance makeup shop
  • A brilliance home décor shop
  • A brilliance cosmetics shop
  • A brilliance skin care shop
  • A brilliance art shop etc
  • A brilliance bridal shop
  • A brilliance gift shop

The most common uses for the term “brilliance”, however, is in diamond shops but you can apply it in virtually any business. Brilliance sends the right message to your end users. For customers, it means pursuing excellence so they always expect to find great quality merchandise on your shop.

A domain name is the perfect address to convey the sense of glamour and excellence in your product line.

There are various shops online that already use variations of the brilliance domain name. These include the following:-


If you are have a longer domain name with name “brilliance” in it, you could simply upgrade and brand your business in a short, brandable and precise domain name that will deliver the goods. A domain name like will pass the radio test and give your business the unique branding that you are looking for.

Grab your domain name now and start winning in your business. I am selling the domain name via Undeveloped for $3,088 which is slightly negotiable. Send me an offer today.

Advertise Your .SHOP Domains Here

Sell Your .SHOP Domain Names
Sell Your .SHOP Domain Names

Stuck with your .SHOP domain name portfolio? Go and SHOP now gives you the opportunity to advertise your .SHOP domain names and get more eyeballs to your domain name listings so that you can sell them faster.

Don’t just rely on the occasionally type-in traffic. With more targeted users reaching and  seeing your domain name portfolio, you will multiply your chances of clinching a sale for your .SHOP domain names or .SHOP domain name portfolio.

Who Visits ?

Go and .SHOP is visited by a diverse number of people ranging from companies looking for domain names to domain name investors and end users. The blog receives a lot of traffic from the following sources:-

  • Search engines: account for more than 84% of the traffic
  • Direct visitations
  • Domain name redirects
  • Social media shares and mentions
  • Email newsletters

The category of people who visit domain name include the following:-

  • Domain name investors
  • Startups
  • Established Business Owners
  • Other bloggers in the domain name industry
  • Small business owners
  • Domain mame professionals and industry experts

List Your .SHOP Domain Names for Sale

Go and .SHOP can give your .SHOP domain name portfolio the greatest exposure from a highly targeted group of users who are actually interested in .SHOP domain name. Over 99% of the traffic to the blog is from people looking for some information related to .SHOP domain names.

By listing your domain names for sale on, we will also offer you extra promotion via our social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.  

What Kinds of Domain Names Can You List on

You can list any of your domain name portfolios. While we focus on .SHOP domain names, you can also list domain names for other TLDs and ccTLDs such as .COM, .VIP, .STORE, .LIFE, .ORG, .CO and many others. As long as you have a domain name to sell, we are here to market it for you to a greater audience that could generate a sale for you.

How to Submit Your Domain Names for Advertising on

  • Use the contact form to get in touch about marketing and selling your domain name portfolio.
  • You will be required to pay a one-off $50 listing fee via PayPal or Skrills as listing fee.
  • I will create a dedicated page displaying the domain portfolio that you wish to advertise on the blog. There is no limit on the number of domains that you can submit for listing and marketing on  Additionally, I can create dedicated blog posts for 10 of your best domain names.
  • Include an email address where to email your PayPal invoice.
  • Include any other requirements that you might have on publishing your domain name portfolio in the contact us page.

Payment Options

Once you have submitted the list of domain names that you wish to advertise on, I will send you a $50 invoice to your PayPal account. Once payment is made, I will write a long-form blog post on your domain name portfolio and publish on the website. I will also ask you to choose the 10 best domain names that you want me to review on a dedicated page. These will be reviewed and published within 5 days at a rate of 2 domain names per day.

Advertise today and improve your chances of selling your domain names! domain name for sale

pompom shop
pompom shop

Want to establish a cheerleaders’ shop? The domain name would be the perfect address for you!

Cheer pom poms are generally the perfect arsenal for any cheerleader. They are generally a big of the performance for a variety of sports ranging from rugby to American football, baseball, basketball and many others.

You can stock a great variety on a including the following items:-

  • Paper pom poms
  • Party packs
  • Showerproof poms
  • Giant balloons and tails
  • Bubble balloons
  • Yarn pom poms
  • Hanging lanterns
  • Tassel garlands
  • Rosettes
  • Ribbon backdrops
  • Bunting
  • Origami range of items
  • Paper pinwheels
  • Wedding poms
  • Paper hearts and garlands
  • Satin wrap tissue paper
  • Pom pom accessories
  • Origami cranes
  • Giant paper roses

Pom poms generally come in very bright colors, are fun and quite iconic. Whenever someone thinks of pom poms, what comes to mind is cheerleading. They are an integral part of cheerleading. Whenever someone thinks of a cheerleader, what comes to mind is pom poms.

pompom shop
pompom shop

A nice cheerleading uniform is never complete without a great pair of pom poms and there is a massive market online for these beautiful creations.

There are already a variety of pom pom businesses online such as the following:-

A domain name like can also be used for bright and fun knitwear.

pompom shop
pompom shop

Another interesting fact: there are more than 55 million results on Google for the word “pom pom” showing this a name with a very high demand! The domain pompom has also been registered in almost all TLDs available on the web so this is a unique and valuable and premium address, one of the very best in .shop! Send me an offer today and acquire this valuable premium domain! domain name for sale

This is another domain name that you can use for virtually any business. Use this for anything from a fashion store to tech, furniture, interior décor, beauty and many others.

centurion shop
centurion shop

There are over 43 million Google search results for the term Centurion showing it is a commonly used name.

Interested in acquiring this domain name? Visit and send me your best offer.