.AFRICA Domain Name List of Accredited Registrars

The .AFRICA registry has released its list of accredited registrars. So far, they have brought about 19 registrars on board. Unfortunately, none of my favourite registrars have signed up so far. That is the likes of GoDaddy, NameCheap, Name.com and others.


Most of the registrars that have rushed to sign up, frankly, are those that are better known for price gouging the cost of domain names. The kind of registrars that typically sell a $12 domain name for $60. Hopefully, the registry will be able to reach out and bring out many of the larger and popular registrars that could give them good traction and give domain registrants good value for money. I am also hoping they will offer lots of registrar promos and discounts in the first few months after general availability. All the leading registries are currently doing it so why shouldn’t they?


One of the .africa and ICANN Accredited registrars in the list had some ethical issues during the rollout of the South African city ccTLDs .DURBAN, .JOBURG and .CAPETOWN and no action was against the registrar by the registry.  I know they kind of have “gentleman agreements” having worked in the same industry and country for years but I am hoping they will observe the highest standards of professional ethics this time round.


Here is a list of the current .AFRICA Accredited registrars:-