.AFRICA Begins Second Phase of Landrush

The first phase of the landrush is over and the .AFRICA registry is now beginning its second phase of landrush from Monday 12th of June, 2017.

The first phase had begun on 5th and from the data on Namestats, it seems not too many domains were registered. There are about 964 domain names registered so far, many of whom registered by the brand protection domain registrars such as Mark Monitor, LexSynergy, Ascio Technologies, SafeBrands and Gandi SAS so I will assume these were the Sunrise registrations. There is a surprisingly large number of .AFRICA domain names registered during the sunrise period by the Moroccan domain registrar Genious Communications.

The registry will proceed with the next three phases of .africa landrushes before the general availability begins from the fourth of July. I wouldn’t say the uptake is impressive but it is pretty good for the target market. What this means is that hundreds of companies operating in Africa have already purchased a corresponding .africa name address. Most end users are unlikely to pay the high price of $150+ for the .africa domain names during the landrush so most will be waiting for the low prices during the .africa general availability. My projection is that we are going to see a high number of registrations in the first month of the GA judging by the interest during the Sunrise.


In other news, domain sales have been pretty slow. I received an offer of EUR100 for a .shop domain name which I rejected outright. I also received a low offer on a .COM domain name this week which I countered with my offer, in the mid four figures. Buyer never came back. Most of the best .shop domain names have long been snapped but I have been bumping into a few good ones occasionally and snapping them up. But moving forward, I will be minimizing my .shop purchases and focusing exclusively on .COM domain names.


In other news, I just acquired my first .city domain name: www.groovy.city . This is a TLD I have never had any interest in but I though the name combination was good. Probably, I would be looking at other attractive combinations and purchasing them once in a while but for now, the strategy is purely based on acquiring good .COM domain names.

Speaking of .COM, I registered this one today www.glamspotting.com. Perfect fit for a glamour website for spotting the latest glam trends. There is a popular website called www.glamspotters.com so this domain name could go well with a website idea along those lines.