Purchased some .MEN Domain Names

This is a new TLD that I have never really touched or thought of investing in. I have always doubted its potential although it seems to be quite popular with many end users. There are more than 300,000 domain names registered under .MEN and as usual China accounts for the largest share of registrations. Funnily enough, Armenia is the second biggest registrant of .MEN domain names. I would honestly like to know why .MEN is so popular in Armenia. Does the name “MEN” have a special meaning or connotation in Armenia that would drive such an unusually high number of registrants?

Initially, I thought the high number of registrations could be due to the registry being situated in Armenia but, alas, the .MEN domain name registry called Famous Four Media is based in Gibraltar! The registry also manages the 16 other gTLDs including .loan, .trade, .win and .party among others. So that Armenia puzzle stays.

That aside, I registered a couple of .MEN domain names for the first time. These include the following:-

  • subscriptions.men
  • medication.men
  • sexting.men
  • interviews.men
  • sextips.men

I noticed the registry is quite greedy and they reserved almost all the words in the dictionary as premium domain names. Hopefully, when I get time and if the offers are still available, I can research and register more names in the .MEN namespace.

Oh, I also grabbed a .today domain name: glam.today.

If you are into .SHOP domain names, NameCheap is running some promos this week with a single domain name going for $2.88. I will let this pass. There are 200,000 .SHOP domain names registered so far and I doubt they are likely to hit 500,000 by December like I had projected. So the uptake has not been as enthusiastic as I had expected. Many GMO Registry can up their game to snap up more users.